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Vintage Floral Design was created by Ella O'Donnell, a southern girl who grew up on her family farm in South Carolina.  Her love for flowers and horticulture began at a young age when her sweet grandmother, Margaret, began teaching her. Her grandmother had a beautiful heirloom rose garden where they spent many warm summer days. Her education in horticulture and floral design continued as she became an active member and served as Vice President of her local garden club in South Carolina. She has worked in commercial floral design as the lead bridal consultant and designer with one of the premiere florists in Northern Virginia. She has been trained by the best.  She can always be found with her nose in the latest flower book digging for inspiration or in her studio tying a bouquet. She is very detail oriented and WILDLY creative. Flowers are such a tender and beautiful medium to sculpt and she is always intrigued with the evolving growth of the flower world. There is always something new to learn, see and feel. This unique take on the ordinary is what Ella wants to bring to her clients. She loves the wedding industry, the couples, the vendors and the beauty of marriage. "It's something so extraordinary having always been fascinated with flowers but having the privilege to create them for someone's wedding or special event is just thrilling. I love what I do!" ~Ella

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Meet the Vintage TEAM...

michael, assistant

michael, assistant

brianna, assistant

brianna, assistant

'Let us paint your vision in flowers...'

'...nothing could have prepared me for the exquisite reality that her vision was!' ~bride christina

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