Vintage Floral Design

'painting your vision in flowers...'

'Sarah and I are perfect for each other because we know each other inside and out. The saying is "opposites attract" but that couldn't be farther from the truth when it comes to us. Because we are two halves of a whole, we know what the other is thinking before its even verbalized.' Groom Louis~ Videography Rimas Films

A beautiful Spring wedding at Airlie, Warrenton VA.  Gardens, tulips, fresh herbs and new blooms for sweet, new beginnings.

A warm summer's day at Morven Park, Leesburg VA. This wedding was featured in the Virginia Living Magazine, January 2017 edition: Best Weddings of 2016.

The historic George Washington Horticulture Society, River Farm, Arlington VA. A lovely botanical garden celebration.

Oatlands Historic House and Gardens autumn celebration filled with rich colors and beautiful memories. Love and happiness overflowing. 



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